In this episode of the Aus DeFi Association’s Rants & Raves, Natasha Blycha talks with Mark Monfort about how she got started and got into this space as well as a rant and rave on how AI will be in everything, generative versus narrow AI, how we regulate these new emerging tech tools and more.

This is the first episode in the Aus DeFi Association’s new series, Rants & Raves. In this episode, James Myint and Mark Monfort cover the Ripple court case as well as the things businesses need to know when engaging with consultants in emerging tech (blockchain or AI).

In this episode, Natasha delves into her expertise in emerging tech law and her dedication to the digital free movement. The discussion revolves around the challenge of harmonising seamless tech solutions with the essential human touch in Smart Communities. The conversation delves into the ascent of artificial intelligence, exploring

AI is here to change the world, but how are we supposed to navigate it? In this episode, Head of the Stirling and Rose AI Advisory Practice SJ Price joins us to provide some clarity on the risks of AI and ways to mitigate them. Thank you to SJ Price for joining us in the […]

In this episode, our Stirling and Rose team dissect the Black Mirror episode ‘Joan is Awful’ and discuss the law surrounding click-wrap contracts, unfair contract terms and our digital identity. Thank you to Natasha Blycha, SJ Price and Ty Haberland for chatting to us in this episode. A special shout-out to the beautiful c

In this episode we are joined by Stirling and Rose Managing Director Natasha Blycha, Partner and Head of AI Advisory Practice SJ Price and Associate Ty Haberland to discuss the recently announced Apple Vision Pro – a game-changer in the world of augmented reality. Check out the product launch video here

As concerns around the implications of AI grow, many have called for the regulation of AI. But is it really that simple? Managing Director of Stirling & Rose, Natasha Blycha talks to Sian O’Sullivan about different approaches to AI regulation and current policy trends around the world.