Smart Communities with Natasha Blycha

In this episode, Natasha delves into her expertise in emerging tech law and her dedication to the digital free movement. The discussion revolves around the challenge of harmonising seamless tech solutions with the essential human touch in Smart Communities.

The conversation delves into the ascent of artificial intelligence, exploring the potential of Smart Legal Contracts. The potential ‘terms and conditions’ that might govern Smart Cities are also touched upon. Natasha sheds light on her decision to have a digital-free room in her house, underscoring the innate human need to occasionally disconnect. The dialogue then extends to the pros and cons of establishing digital-free zones in national parks and other public domains.

The episode wraps up by delving into the intriguing concept of the ‘implantable’ future. The significance of setting regulated digital quiet times and the pressing issue of ensuring equitable distribution and application of data and AI are highlighted.