James Myint

James Myint

Position: Managing Partner
Categories: AI Advisory, Corporate Advisory, Crypto & Digital Assets, Cybersecurity, Decentralised Autonomous Organisations, Digital Identity, Digitalisation, Privacy & Data Rights, Regulatory, Smart Legal Contracts, Space Law

James was the Australian Head of a major international law firm’s Digital Law practice and a founding member of an international law firm’s market-leading restructuring practice.

James leads Stirling & Rose’s finance and restructuring practice, with significant local and global experience in high complexity ‘first of their kind’ transactions with a cross-jurisdictional focus, working in New York, Tokyo and Sydney.

James advises major companies, funds, investors, financial institutions and blockchain platforms, specialising in Smart Legal Contracts, CBDCs, DeFi, digital investments and novel financings.

James specialises in smart legal contracts, CBDCs and digital investments and financing.

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We are experts in artificial intelligence, digital assets, smart legal contracts, regulation, corporate fundraising, AOs/DAOs, space, quantum, digital identity, robotics, privacy and cybersecurity.

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